Organisational Structure

  • Mohamed AL-Jassim
  • President, Chairman of the Board co-founder of London Petrochemicals
The Chairman is Mr Mohamed AL-Jassim, a Kuwaiti National resident in the UK. He is an experienced entrepreneur with first class business skills backed by an extensive network of personal contacts throughout the Region in Oil and Gas business. Mr AL-Jassim has a history of success in business backed by a degree in Economics from Beirut University and a BA from Cairo University Egypt. He has experience of living and working in Countries throughout the Middle East and Asia, he has an excellent understanding of differing Oil and Gas business cultures. During a successful career spanning twenty years, Mr AL-Jassim has established himself as an expert in International Oil and Gas business with special emphasis on the logistics, supply and the refineries sector. Mr AL-Jassim has a wealth of contacts, which enable him access to Oil and Gas suppliers and Institutions and sub-contract companies throughout the world in general and Asia in particular.
  • Mr.Naif Khalid
  • Vice President, LPCI Board of Directors Member.
Mr.Khalid has served as a Vice President and member of LPCI Board of Directors since 2007, He has been extensively involved in international law and business, as a strategic advisor to major U.K. corporations, Mr. Khalid regularly conducts briefings on world oil issues for private and state oil and gas companies and is currently involved in a number of large-scale oil, gas and infrastructure projects in the Middle East. Mr. Khalid received a master's degree in law from Nottingham University and bachelor's degree from Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Ms. Hanan AL-Jassim
  • Chief Executive Officer, LPCI Board of Directors Member.
Ms. AL-Jassim is a native of Kuwait. Ms AL-Jassim served as a Member of LPCI board since 2007, She demonstrated great courage and independence when, in her late teens, she journeyed alone the man's world in major Kuwaiti Oil companies. Little did she realize what an important role model she would become for other young Arab women who wanted to seek similar educational and opportunities. Ms. AL-Jassim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Kuwait University. She specialise in Islamic finance and a major consultant in Dubai financial circles in Oil Projects funding and finance.
  • Miss Claire Bond
  • LPCI Board of Directors Member.
Graduated in Business and finance from Reading university with master degree, Specialised in Oil finance and contracts, Worked for BP, Exxon Mobile and Shell, Known in UK and Europe oil business circles, she has other interests in executive real estates and International major residential complexes projects, Conducts seminars and forums in Oil explorations and investments, throughout the Middle East.
  • Mr. James Cartwright
  • LPCI Board of Directors Member.
Oxford University Graduate, Oil and Gas specialist, Worked for Airbus/ Exxon Mobile/ and UK Treasury, lectures in the Far East and China in Oil and Gas industries. Consultant to two Gulf States department of states (Qatar and Bahrain) in development and Oil and Gas expansions.
  • Mr. Jassim alsabah
    • LPCI Board of Directors Member.
  • Mr .Mansour Ibrahim
    • LPCI Board of Directors Member.
  • Dr. Ali Alfalasi
    • LPCI Board of Directors Member.
  • Mr. Sami Al-Ibrahim
    • LPCI Board of Directors Member.